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How do I earn points for  Skinglow Rewards?

There are three ways to earn points:

1. Product Reward Points

Members automatically earn reward points each time they complete an order. The bigger the order, the more reward points you earn, and the more you save! To see how many points your favourite METRIN products are worth, visit our online store and view the product.

2. Bonus Points

Happy Birthday! Email us your birthday date, (not the year) and we will credit your account with 200 bonus points each year.

3. Referral Points

Share the Love. Share METRIN with your friends and family. Simply email your friends  and we’ll add 1000 bonus points to your account when they purchase a full-size METRIN Skincare System (165ml)**.

**Must be a new client and purchase a full-size METRIN Skincare System (165ml).

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