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3 Reasons Why You Should Use Fragrance-Free Skin Care

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Fragrance-Free Skin Care

by Harman KaurMay 16, 2019

1. Fragrances cause irritation, and can have long-term effects

Most scented skin care products have been proven to cause skin irritation, breakouts, redness, and other harmful impacts over time. And believe it or not, fragrance irritation doesn’t only affect those with sensitive skin – it can be problematic for all types of skin! Even if not evident right away, it may be breaking down your skin gradually.

2. Fragrances and perfumes are just a cover-up

A common reason why skin care and cosmetic products use fragrances is to mask the natural odor of ingredients, that aren’t necessarily “aromatic”. Although these perfumes give you an immediate satisfaction, it could be what is causing those pesky breakouts or the dry skin you’ve been experiencing!

3. Products labeled “Unscented” aren’t the answer

Watch out! Many products that are labeled “unscented” are no better for your skin, as they often contain neutralizing chemical agents to kill the natural ingredient scents – defeating the purpose of avoiding fragrant products in the first place!

Metrin is here to help!

Our goal at Metrin Skincare, for the past 87 years, has been to limit or neutralize our customers’ exposure to skin irritation and harm by maintaining its proven formulation and ingredients that have a long history of efficacy and safety. The Metrin Skincare System continues to be formulated without fragrances, dyes, gluten, and is purely vegan.

“I have been using Metrin for over 18 years and have found it to be wonderful for the following reasons – due to my various allergies, it particularly suits me because it does not have a perfume. Most importantly, it keeps my skin soft and moisturized.” – Nerelle P, devoted Metrin user for over 18 years

Rich with certified organic ingredients and added vitamins, our fragrance-free Skincare System is specifically designed to work in harmony with your skin’s natural processes while cleansing, nourishing, and protecting it. Many beneficial skin care ingredients (antioxidants, for example) have a natural scent which cause no irritation and are great for skin, including organic aloe vera and sunflower seed oil.

If you are sensitive to scents or have skin problems such as rosacea, dry skin, eczema, redness — it is ideal for you to use fragrance-free skin care products. While they may have a characteristic natural scent (derived from essential oils and plant extracts), it’s noteworthy that this is simply because fragrance-free brands have made a conscious choice not to add extra chemical perfumes to mask these natural ingredient scents.

“I’m a huge fan of Metrin. I have problem skin (eczema) and Metrin is the only product that has ever worked for me. I have used Metrin exclusively since I first tried it 15 years ago.” – Donna L, firm Metrin believer for over 15 years

The Metrin Skincare System, a complete routine of five easy steps, has been proven to be a safe and effective fragrance-free option for all skin types – dry, damaged, sensitive and irritable skin.

Step 1 – Deep Cleanser:

Loaded with ingredients rich in essential fatty acids (high oleic sunflower oil, aloe, and allantoin), antioxidants with skin healing properties, this fragrance-free cleanser is so gentle that it doesn’t strip the skin of natural oils but helps remove all dirt, makeup, and softens blackheads without irritating the skin.

Step 2 – Lathering Cleanser:

Part two of our proven double cleanse method: our fragrance-free gentle exfoliating face wash; formulated with a natural soy extract, bubbles up and lightly exfoliates to clean deep into your pores, for better absorption of essential nutrients without causing irritation.

Step 3 – Vita Conditioner:

Owing to the essential fatty acids (high oleic sunflower seed oil), antioxidants, vitamin-rich (A, C, D, E), and a fragrance-free formula, this hydrating moisturizer calms skin redness and helps restore the pH balance.

Step 4 – Protective Lotion:

Our fragrance-free firming and toning lotion is effective on its own but powerful when used between steps 3 and 5 (both conditioners) to form a nutrient rich protective emulsion for the skin. Rich in amino acids and bacteria reducing ingredient, it helps the skin heal and protect itself.

Step 5 – Enriched Vita Conditioner:

The final step of nourishment with added Vitamin B, is our fragrance-free Enriched Vita Conditioner. It helps the skin achieve smooth texture, moisture and protection against free radicals.

All in all, the combination of the double-cleanse (step 1 &2), nourishment (step 3), protection (step 4) and enrichment (step 5) help in skin exfoliation, skin cell regeneration, keeping the bacteria low, and with the anti-aging properties of the ingredients, keeping your skin feeling young, healthy and glowing for a lifetime.

Repeat Twice Daily!

When used two times a day as recommended, it yields in immaculate results for all skin concerns.

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