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Achieve Your Healthiest Skin with Double Cleansing

Achieve Your Healthiest Skin with Double Cleansing

by Kath SheehanFebruary 22, 2017
Most men and women have a special cleanser that they use exclusively on their face… But is a single cleanser really enough to clear away an entire day’s worth of make-up, environmental soil and other impurities from your skin? Some experts would suggest that it is not.

For this reason, there are many skin care progams – including the METRIN Skincare System – that work with a double cleansing method, using two separate cleansers consecutively to meet different day-to-day skin care needs.


Why is Double Cleansing so Important?

In order to maintain healthy, youthful skin, it is essential to remove every last trace of make-up, sunscreen, pollutants, and any other kind of dirt or soil that can get on your face throughout the day.

While we are sleeping at night, our skin is working overtime to repair itself and regenerate cells; however, if your face is covered in chemicals and foreign substances, it will not be able to renew itself effectively. Further, our skin needs to be bare and clean to absorb moisture and nutrients from any creams or toners that are applied after cleansing.


How to Properly Wash Your Face

Double cleansing is the best recommendation you can get if you are looking for advice on how to properly wash your face. This practice is thought to have originated in Asia, where the women used plant-derived oils to first remove heavy make-up and face paint, and then cleansed remaining impurities away with rice water or ground mung beans.

It’s important to note that a proper double cleansing method will use two different cleansers that serve a different purpose; it is not enough to simply wash your face twice using the exact same product.


Cleanser 1: Oil-Based

The first step in your double cleansing method should involve an oil-based cleanser. Its purpose is to remove everything from the surface of your skin in a process known as colloidal cleansing. On a molecular level, the particles of the oil of the cleanser are smaller than other debris that might be on your skin. Said small oil particles attached themselves to dirt or make-up on your face, allowing you to easily wipe everything off with a soft wash cloth!


Cleanser 2: Exfoliate

The second step of an effective double cleansing method should exfoliate your skin. A gentle, liquid exfoliant that will foam and bubble up is best; this will exfoliate dead skin cells from the top layer of your skin, and the bubbles will float everything away when you rinse. This second step will also remove anything left behind after the first step.

And voila! After following this method, your skin will be clean, clear and able to function at its best – leaving you with a beautiful, healthy complexion.

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