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Argh…mild acne. And SkinBreakouts! Pimples!

Argh… mild acne. And skin breakouts! Pimples!

by FaraazOctober 13, 2016


Mild acne is the scourge of skin everywhere

(but don’t worry, we have tips on how to clear acne)

These little characters need no introduction. Almost everyone has, at some point, been stricken with these blemishes (and why is it always on Date Night? Come on, skin).

You know the stuff: red bumps, white/blackheads, scaly skin… so much fun! Mild acne and pimple breakouts can vary widely in appearance because there are many different types of acne, each with its own specific cause.

That said, you don’t need to carefully stack 57 lotions and potions on your overburdened shelves to get rid of acne for good.

Yep – really. Your skin’s natural healing and renewal processes can control – and eliminate – almost any form of acne. So why does acne exist in the first place? Usually, it’s a bacterial infection, and it can be caused by a whole world of different things (too many to list here). It’s a natural thing that happens to pretty much all humans at some point in our lives, so don’t worry: it’s not just you.

Maybe your skin’s producing excess oil. Maybe you’re exfoliating – shedding dry, used-up skin cells – more than usual. Or maybe you’re using oily creams and lotions, like sunblock, which block you pores. There are other causes, too, like a weakened immune system… but it all comes back to the same thing:


Acne is caused by an ‘imbalance‘ of bacterial growth that feeds on excess sebum and trapped dead skin cells, changing the pH balance of the skin.


We’ve got bacteria crawling all over us, all the time. That’s just part of being human. And they’re engaged in constant battle – this one eats that one, the other one creates an environment unfriendly to these ones. It’s like a sci-fi movie, only the alien world they’re warring over is… well, it’s you.

But when you unintentionally block off the world with dead skin cells, greasy creams, or other un-fun stuff, the balance is thrown off. The war rages on, and one side eventually wins over the other. The result? Bacteria is able to enter the outer layers of your skin through your follicles and pores. Mild acne prevails and, if not properly treated, scarring can occur.

Why does this happen?

With proper nutrition and chemical balance, your skin’s a bacteria-blasting machine. It’ll blast those baddies into balance all on its own. When things get out of whack, you shouldn’t try to fight the battle for it with harsh chemicals – things can easily end up worse than where they started (and you’re gonna be pretty short on shelf space in short order). That said, sometimes your skin needs a little push in the right direction to restore balance to the realm. Like a skin care system to nourish and protect it instead of nuking the whole site from orbit – one that equips you to fight mild acne off for life.


How to clear acne and pimples effectively
(let your skin do its job)

Acne isn’t especially dangerous, which is great because it’s so common. It’s just a symptom of underlying skin issues, easily remedied with proper care. It means one of your body’s natural defenses isn’t cooperating with the others in the fight. And once it takes hold, scarring becomes a very real concern.


Skincare ProTipDon’t shy away from oil-based treatments, even if you have oily skin to begin with. They’re a better delivery vehicle for vitamins and essential fatty acids – you need that stuff to repair and prevent any skin issue, including mild acne.

Harsh chemicals can actually make things worse – that’s why they say you shouldn’t use antibacterial soap any more. Sure, it’ll zap acne bacteria into oblivion, but it’ll toast everything else, too, including beneficial bacteria. Healthy skin depends on that ever-raging battle. Instead, you should support your skin so it can help your invisible little soldiers do their jobs.


You’d think adding oils to acne would be a bad idea, from what the media spews. That’s true in some cases, but certainly not all. Whereas water kinda sucks at this, oil can be a fantastic delivery vehicle for nutrients (your soldiers’ reinforcements).


Take Niacin (one of the B-vitamins) and vitamin C for example – both of which have been shown to help combat acne by assisting skin’s natural resistance to bacteria when applied topically. They’re water-soluble, sure, but your skin’s not going to absorb them efficiently that way. Oil-based creams and lotions dramatically enhance absorption. That’s why METRIN uses sunflower oil – a particularly effective medium – to carry these nutrients deep into your skin and support your troops in battle.

Nutrients alone only fight half a third of the battle.


Balanced skin care and acne treatment involves three crucial elements to keep things in balance to cut the problem at its source; to stop acne-causing bacteria from winning out and reduce the potential for scarring:

  • Exfoliation – bacteria or debris can get trapped by your skin’s outer layers, giving them a perfect home to get comfortable in. METRIN’s non-abrasive liquid exfoliants help encourage your skin to shed old, dead cells (along with unwanted visitors) to renew itself safely and naturally. Most mild acne is surface acne – this alone can go a long way to restoring balance.
  • Nourishment – skin is just like the rest of your body. It needs a balanced diet to function optimally and ward off bacteria and blemishes. METRIN’s nutrient-rich formula delivers vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids directly to your skin’s inner layers. This helps prevent future skin breakouts by ensuring its outer layers can always count on the reinforcements they need.
  • Protection – to prevent future skin breakouts, you’re going to need to keep those defenses on high alert. METRIN helps stimulate all 3 layers of your skin, so each layer provides what the others need to keep the others healthy and clear for life.


Balance these to fight mild acne effectively and prevent future skin breakouts before they start.


Battle won balanced – now let’s prevent (or reduce) acne scarring

The METRIN Skincare System works in harmony with your body’s natural defenses. It can help prevent acne scarring and even diminish existing acne (and other!) scars by improving your skin’s healing and renewal processes.

Our specially-formulated Protective Lotion contains ingredients to moisturize skin and stimulate collagen growth helping smooth acne scars and allowing healthy, new skin to regrow.

Don’t let TV (or whatever) convince you to throw the battle off-balance with chemical weapons. Those are bad, mm’kay?


Nutritional reinforcement, delivered via the proper vehicle, creates and sustains better results. There’s a reason we haven’t changed our formula in over 85 years: because we don’t need to. Not when our lifetime customers report results like these:

METRIN contains zero harsh chemicals. No crazy newfangled nonsense. It delivers what skin craves, via reliable vehicles that support your body’s natural processes for greater, lasting results.

Results that are absolutely, unconditionally, guaranteed for everyone. Give it a shot for 6 months. And if you’re not impressed?

It’s FREE. Period.

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