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Building A better Skin Care Routine

Building A Better Skin Care Routine

by RickJune 23, 2017

As life has its own and natural rhythms, any healthy endeavor often requires its own schedule to insure the best possible results. For example, exercise works best with a set routine. You usually start by warming up, move on to some cardio, then to other more intense exercises, and finally finish by cooling down and stretching. Such a routine prepares your body for exercise and helps you get the most out of your time at the gym. When it comes to your skin, it’s no different.

A good skin care routine will help your skin function at its best and make the most out of the products you use. And just like exercise, any skin care program needs to be repeated regularly for the absolute best results today and for a lifetime. Everything should work together to make sure your skin is at its best.

Which Products?

The most important thing to think about when buying skin care products is how they will interact with your skin’s natural functions and pH balance (“potential of Hydrogen”, measuring acidity or basicity).

The main objective of any skin care program should be to maintain and balance the skin’s pH level. Skin has a coating, called the acid mantle, which is supposed to keep moisture in and harmful bacteria out. Skin problems appear when this coating is disturbed and the acidity or pH balance is out of whack.

It’s a myth to think that different skin types require different products at all. All skin is engineered to stay naturally healthy when it is in the proper balance. Excessively oily skin and dry skin are simply symptoms of a disturbance in the pH of your skin – they are not the cause of your problems. In fact, some products can actually worsen your skin in the long-term because their pH is outside the healthy range for the acid mantle.

Many soaps and cleansers, for example, use alkaline agents to remove grease. Since your skin is naturally more acidic, it ends up having to work harder to restore its ideal pH balance, especially when it starts to feel dry or irritated. Keeping your skin healthy means working to maintain its balance. When the acid mantle is intact, your skin stays clear, soft, and supple, all naturally.
skin care routine

Basic Routine

Any skin care routine should have a few basic steps to ensure you properly cleanse, nourish, and protect the skin.

  • Cleansing is the first essential step. This is akin to the warm-up in your skin care regimen. It prepares your skin for what is to come next. You need to wash the day’s makeup, oil, and grit off your face in order to prevent your pores from clogging up.
  • Do so by using warm water (never hot) and, if needed, a make-up remover. Then, with moistened hands, apply your cleanser and move it around for at least one minute in gentle circular motions.
  • Cleansing also must include the removal of dead skin cells – to exfoliate the skin. Choose a gentle, non-abrasive exfoliant that will help to remove dead skin cells without irritating your skin.
  • Next, nourish your skin by delivering healthy nutrients so it can absorb, use, and moisturize your skin properly to maintain its barrier function. A good moisturizer will make your skin feel soft and hydrated while also nourishing it for its well-being. Apply your moisturizer using gentle outward motions to ensure the product is applied evenly. For best results, let your moisturizer sit for a minute or so before applying your toner.

By using a nourishing moisturizer that helps the skin’s barrier function, a toner also works to protect the skin and all skin care products used should work together to help restore your skin’s pH balance. An appropriate toner also helps lock in moisture so that your skin is nicely balanced throughout the day by helping your skin against excess bacteria growth and have ingredients that help the skin heal from stress and damages.

Many people use cotton pads or cotton balls to apply their toner but, in reality, these products can cause irritation to the surface (not to mention, they soak up a lot of product). Instead, try applying your toner with your (washed) hands. Make sure they are clean, then carefully dab the toner over your face, neck, and chest. Or go hands-free and gently mist your toner onto your skin by adding a sprayer to the top of your toner bottle. Let the toner soak in a bit before either applying a second moisturizer or your makeup.

Healthy Skin Care Tips

As well as a daily skin care routine, there are other healthy habits that will help to keep your skin healthy. A golden rule is to never, ever wear your makeup to bed. This is an extremely difficult rule to follow after a long night out, but leaving your makeup on can clog your pores, causing acne.

Let’s avoid having a zit pop up the next morning and spend those extra minutes on your skin before jumping into bed. The same goes for exercising. If you wear makeup while exercising, sweat gets trapped and can lead to major breakouts.

If you use a facial cloth in your daily skin care routine, absolutely make sure to change it every day or it can become a hotbed for unwanted bacteria that you should not be putting anywhere near your face.

Make sure your makeup and makeup tools are clean and never share them with anyone else. Treat these like your toothbrush. Just like anything that goes in your mouth, anything that goes on your skin, including germs from someone else, can be absorbed into your body.

If you want to avoid getting sick or cause excess bacteria growth on your skin, it is best to keep others away from your makeup (and stay away from their makeup too). By using only your own tools, you can also ensure how frequently they’re washed, which should be on a weekly basis.

Bottom Line

A good skin care routine is one that is appropriate for all skin types. By treating your skin with care every day, you will prevent problems from happening. This is a much more effective way to keep your skin beautiful rather than trying to treat skin problems as they appear.

Be proactive with your skin’s health with regular Skincare System with products that are designed to work together and with your skin’s natural functions. It’s the best way to fully address all your skin issues long term and prevent any damage. Keeping your skin healthy every day as well as how and what use to maintain it, should be an essential part of your overall skin care routine.

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