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Exfoliation Tips: Are You Doing it Wrong

Exfoliation Tips: Are You Doing it Wrong?

by FaraazAugust 08, 2016


Exfoliation: you’re probably doing it wrong

(and it’s totally not your fault)
You just need some exfoliation tips!

Exfoliation - METRIN Skin Care Guide to Dead Skin Cells

Let’s get one thing clear. Actually two things – we’ll count your skin, too. Exfoliation is the cornerstone of any smart skin care system. Without proper exfoliation, it’s pretty much all for naught. That’s why we’re here – to dish out some proper exfoliation tips!

Lots of you know this already, and that’s great. What’s not great is how far some companies’ marketing pushes the idea. They’ll get you using all kinds of harsh chemicals and abrasives which, while they may work, can often do as much harm as good.

Third thing: the more exfoliation, the better. Always… if you’re doing it right.


You’ve probably heard this before
(and it’s time to put it out of your mind for good)

“An AHA/BHA cleanser and toner is all the exfoliation you need.”

Reality check: that line of Brown Stuff can lead to dull, sallow, clogged-pore skin that lacks radiance.

Companies want you to think that all you need is a face wash with glycolic acid to remove all the dead skin cells and bacteria. Think again: if that were true, they probably wouldn’t be pumping out “new and improved” ones every year, would they? Typically these AHA/BHA face washes contain 1 percent glycolic acid and some skins need literally ten times that strength daily.


This, too
(and it doesn’t even make any sense)

“If you scrub too hard, you’re going to thin your skin”

It seems like it would make sense. You’re removing layers of skin; therefore your skin will be thinner. Logic! But it’s a total myth.The skin’s a dynamic organ. That’s one of the most important ideas in the science of skin care.

The more you wear it down, the more it thickens and the faster it grows.

Exfoliation stimulates cellular turnover, wherein old dead cells get replaced by healthy new ones, and collagen production, which improves skin’s texture and thickness by providing underlying support. By the way – skin thickness is instrumental in reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

It’s kind of like hitting the gym: to get stronger, you have to work your muscles hard(er).


Here’s another myth:
(seems like there’s a pattern forming here)

“I don’t exfoliate because my skin is too dry.”


Exfoliation - dead skin removal

Wait, what?

One of the most common reasons people suffer from dry skin is having a thick layer of dead skin cells preventing moisture from getting in. Skin feels dry? Do a full 180 in your thinking and start exfoliating. Moisturizing without removing dead skin cells is like taking a shower with a raincoat – it’s cute if you’re 7, but… not especially effective.


Now here’s something you’ll really like

(3 exfoliation tips)

Exfoliation Tip #1: Exfoliation helps stimulate cellular turnover, may encourage your skin’s collagen production, and can improve skin thickness – which ultimately reduces (and sometimes, even reverses) the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Truth: thicker skin means fewer wrinkles, and is achieved through exfoliation.


Exfoliation Tip #2: If you have a thick layer of dead skin cells on top of your skin, how will the precious collagen-building nutrients in your skin care products reach your skin? They won’t – or at least not in strong concentrations and certainly not deeply enough to fuel your skin’s inner layers. Exfoliation helps ensure key ingredients reach their destination (where they can actually do their jobs).

Truth: there’s no point buying all those pricey serums if they can’t even deliver the nutrients and miracle ingredients to all three layers of your skin. It’s a waste.


Exfoliation Tip #3: Exfoliation should be your final skin-cleansing phase. It’s how you clear away accumulated junk – products, skin cells, and dirt – that’s looking to clog up your pores, allowing fresh new skin cells to shine at the surface. You can never exfoliate too much (disclaimer: common sense, folks!). When we’re young our skin exfoliates rapidly; dead skin cells are naturally and steadily sloughed off. But as we age, the natural exfoliation process becomes more and more sluggish, typically slowing by about 10% per decade. Without a little exfoliation boost, skin turns ashen, dull, and sallow – and we say goodbye to our skin’s fabulous translucent, radiant, youthful glow due to the accumulation of dead skin cells on the surface.

Truth: proper exfoliation is crucial to maintaining healthy, young-looking skin. You can’t overdo it, without it your skincare routine becomes far less effective, and you do not need harsh chemicals or abrasives to encourage your skin’s natural renewal processes.



Just one caveat

(and it’s kind of a biggie)

Exfoliation alone is not enough to achieve or maintain your youthful, radiant skin. It’s just the beginning. You need a complete skin care system that works to nourish all three layers of your skin – but it doesn’t have to be complicated or cost a ton of money as new products get released.

Truth (and shameless plug)

Although METRIN’s formula has remained unchanged for over 80 years (because it genuinely works and always has), even our skin care system isn’t going to walk up and punch Father Time in the nose. We all age; we’re all exposed to the elements and it’s not realistic to imagine otherwise. The perfect youthful glow will likely never return.

BUT! Exfoliation goes a long way to knocking the years off. In order to benefit to the fullest, though, you also need to nourish your skin’s deeper layers and protect them to seal in the nutrients while they do their jobs.

While surface exfoliation should be the last step in your skin cleansing routine, it’s also the unshakeable foundation of any healthy skin care system.

And Father Time? He’s still going to take his toll, but you can sure as hell make him work for it.

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