How does METRIN treat Dark Spots (Sunspots)

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How does METRIN treat Dark Spots (Sunspots)?

Sunspots are caused by direct, prolonged exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays or from artificial sources of ultraviolet rays, like from a tanning bed. In some cases, some people’s body produce an increased amount of melanin, which is responsible for developing darker areas on their skin.

Many skin care companies claim that bombarding your skin with harsh abrasives, chemical peels, or swirling brushes will get rid of sunspots. However, the best way to treat age spots and even out the skin is through gentle regular exfoliation and nourishing the skin.

The Lathering Cleanser contains a gentle, non-abrasive liquid exfoliant that helps aid your skin’s natural process of cell renewal. This enables your skin to replace old, discolored skin cells with new, healthy, normal-colored skin cells.

The ingredients in the METRIN Skincare System are rich in antioxidants, vitamins and essential fatty acids that promotes healing and collagen production. By encouraging skin cell renewal, it helps to diminish or even eliminate sunspots.

To prevent new sunspots from forming, make sure to wear protective clothing and apply a broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 before going out into the sun.


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