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How to Improve Your Skin’s Health

How to Improve Your Skin’s Health

by RickSeptember 18, 2017

Your skin’s health is a long-term, lifelong issue. Being aware of its needs and starting its proper care while young is one of the secrets to help keep your skin glowing forever. However, there are plenty of other healthier choices and things that you can do to support the well-being of your skin – the largest organ of your body and to help assure you are living your best life possible for your entire body as well.

Here are a few things you can do or change to ensure you and your skin’s overall health is at its best in the long-term.


You are what you eat. Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet with foods rich in nutrients like fruits, vegetables, grains, and lean proteins will do wonders for you and your skin. Veggies like spinach and arugula, in particular, are rich with naturally occurring antioxidants. You also might want to lay off the alcohol to keep your skin smooth.


Breaking a sweat is great all around through cardiovascular exercise is great for your hear as well as keeping your circulatory system in a good condition. Good circulation improves blood flow to your skin, helping it to maintain its radiance.Increased circulation and blood flow also helps distribute nutrients throughout your body. Get your body working regularly and it will thank you with better, more naturally glowing skin.


We’ve already discussed the importance of exfoliation ad nauseam so make sure to make it a part of your everyday cleansing process. However, remember to be gentle. Its benefits are great and it’s hard to exfoliate too much. Get rid of all the tens of millions of dead skin cells we lose a day.


Make sure you fingers don’t touch your face as it can spread bacteria and cause breakouts even leading to scarring, wrinkles, and illness.


Avoid exposure to direct heat. Be careful about getting too close to heaters or fireplaces in addition to exposure to the sun.


Drinking enough water may not be enough alone to get you better skin but it will do wonders alongside your skin care routine to fuel everything your body needs and keep it running smoothly. Drinking water regularly and throughout the day will keep things happy and alive longer. Also, keep those long, hot showers to a minimum to prevent drying or damaging your skin.

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Dry skin can be a real problem as it can weaken the barrier function of your skin and reduce its radiance. Make sure to keep it moist by improving your skin’s barrier function through regular, gentle exfoliation and using a good moisturizer to prevent any drying or damaging effects.


Skin care isn’t just about what products you use, but how you use them, in what combination, and order you use them. Be aware of how you are using your skin care products and be weary of too many products.


Your body thrives on a regular, reliable, daily routine. Treat your body with an everyday skin care program in addition to proper hydration, sleep, and exercise for the best results.


Rest and a regular good night’s sleep does wonders for your whole body and your skin – your skin does its repair and recovery work while you sleep. Consistent quality sleep will let your skin’s natural functions process more smoothly. Sleep will also combat stress which can wreak havoc on your skin leading to breakouts. Also, try switching up positions to prevent sleep lines and wrinkles.


Protect your skin year-round from the sun’s damaging rays by limiting excess sun exposure through proper use of hats, clothing, and using sunscreen every single day. While some sun exposure is healthy in helping your body produce the much-needed vitamin D naturally, the effects of excess sun exposure can damage your skin any time of year. A good dose of SPF has been known to preserve and protect your skin from sunspots or wrinkles any time of year where prolonged sun exposure is an issue. Sunscreen can also help prevent stretch marks and scars from getting darker.

Take care of yourself mentally, physically, keep your body running well, avoid bad habits, and your skin will benefit. All of this alongside a regular skin care regimen will assure a healthier, more glowing you.

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