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How to Naturally Enhance your Collagen Production

How to Naturally Enhance your Collagen Production

by Samantha WilliamsFebruary 02, 2017

When many people think of “collagen”, they automatically jump to “injections”. Yes, those exist, and the reason people use them is to replace the missing or damaged collagen their skin naturally produces on its own. Yep, collagen’s natural! And your skin’s quite good at producing it on its own.

In fact, healthy skin is a natural collagen assembly line – just give it the raw materials it needs and it’ll put together the finished product for you. A healthy skin diet plays a big part in the process, of course, but the nutrients and vitamins involved in collagen production also get used up elsewhere.


Collagen and wrinkles

Without collagen to support it, your skin would look pretty saggy and shapeless. Decreased rate of collagen production is the main reason skin sags, wrinkles, and doesn’t heal as well as we age is slowed collagen production. Plan on about a 10% drop every decade (thanks, evolution). But there’s good news too: you don’t need injections, crazy chemicals, or even more drastic measures to get things back in order. Just a few nutrients delivered properly can make a huge difference on the amount of new collagen you’re able to produce – and that, in turn, can make a dramatic change to your skin’s look and feel.


What does collagen actually do?

It’s the most abundant protein in your body and it does a whole lot of things. Focusing on skin though Apart from providing the actual support structure your skin takes its shape from, collagen helps speed up the skin’s wound-healing process by regenerating tissues and speeding up blood clotting.

Your skin’s subcutaneous fat cells work hard all day long to produce new collagen, replacing worn-out or damaged stuff with fresh, new cells. Fresh collagen helps keep fine lines and wrinkles from appearing (which is why the latter get worse as we age – nothing to do with smiling too much). And that’s where your skin care should be targeted: without fuel, there’s no production.

But with the right combination of vitamins and nutrients delivered properly, you can boost these cells into relative overdrive… which can take years off your skin’s appearance fairly quickly by filling wrinkles to restoring smoothness and structure.


How to repair and regrow collagen naturally

On the one hand, you can’t take on Father Time. We’re all getting older. On the other, there’s no reason we can’t pack a little extra octane into the fuel our factory needs.

Eating a low-sugar diet goes a long way, because a process called “glycation” actively damages collagen and other proteins. Even the newly-formed, fresh collagen can’t do its job if it’s all crusted up with sugar. And yes, that really happens – sugar hardens and warps collagen, weakening and discoloring it.

Taking oral vitamins can help a little… but to target your skin directly, you’ll want to apply them topically.

There’s no such thing as collagen cream

By the way – collagen molecules are too big to be absorbed directly by the skin. That’s why you don’t see “collagen creams” out there, and why taking collagen supplements orally doesn’t seem to make much of a difference. Remember, it’s used throughout the body so there’s no way to target your skin directly.

You will see skin care products billed as “collagen enhancing” and similar stuff. Not every cream or lotion’s ideal though, because you need to get those nutrients deep down into your skin’s deepest layers – where collagen production actually happens – for them to make any difference at all. The harsh chemicals in some of these anti-aging creams can actually accelerate the aging process by irritating or stressing your skin’s surface instead targeting the source of the issue.

That’s why we base our gentle Skincare System’s formula on sunflower oil and purified water to achieve this: some vitamins dissolve and deliver best in water, others in oil, and we’ve created the ideal emulsion for deep, no-compromise delivery.


The key to collagen production

When it comes to your skin, there’s no substitute for proper nutrition. Since collagen production decreases with age and it’d be tough to keep up a youthful, healthy look through diet alone (10% more food per decade? You’d be eating like a horse), topical nutrients delivered with a deep-penetrating blend is your best solution for collagen repair.

Want us to prove it to you? Give METRIN 6 months. If you’re not convinced our deep nourishment Skincare System’s the best you’ve ever used, it’s FREE (no questions asked). But don’t worry – you’ll see results. Promise.

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