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Is METRIN really 85 years old?

Yes, the METRIN Skincare System was created by American biochemist George C. Runnels in 1932. Plagued by severe acne and dry skin problems for as long as he can remember, Dr. Runnels’ complexion negatively impacted his self-esteem. Similar to today, skincare companies in the 1920’s would introduce new and ‘improved’ products year after year. Full of hope, Dr. Runnels would try them, but was only ever left with empty promises and a disappointing lack of results.

Determined to find a solution to his skin problems, Dr. Runnels studied the physiology and functions of human skin and discovered that skin needs a complete skin care program that addresses and balances the skin’s overall health and functions.

In 1932, after years of research and testing, he successfully developed a complete and comprehensive skin care system – the METRIN Scientific Skincare Program. After Dr. Runnels started using METRIN, many people noticed the remarkable improvement of his skin’s appearance, often asking him to share his skin care secret with them.


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