METRIN Scientific Skincare Program - Men's Value Pack

METRIN Scientific Skincare Program – Men’s Value Pack


Quick Overview
METRIN Scientific Skincare Program – Men’s Value Pack
The Value Pack contains all four steps of the METRIN Scientific Skincare program for Men, in full-sized 165 ml bottles. Each step of this program is designed to work in harmony with the other steps and your skin’s natural processes, to bring your skin into the perfect balance.
Whether you suffer from acne, wrinkles, oily or dry skin, eczema or shaving irritation- METRIN can provide relief. Our programs improve the health and functioning of your skin, eliminating the visible symptoms of skin dysfunction. Consistent, twice daily use of this program will deliver visible results; it is the ideal skincare program for men of all ages and skin types.
Full size bottles are 165 ml.