Revitalising Glycolic Complex



The Metrin Revitalizing Glycolic Complex  

The Metrin Revitalizing Glycolic Complex  is a highly effective overnight glycolic (AHA) exfoliating treatment formulated with aloe vera & Vitamin E (tocopherol).

Our skin’s renewal process can slow down as we age or when we are under stress. Metrin’s Revitalizing Glycolic Complex is designed to provide a boost to the skin’s renewal process, to help it retain its healthy youthful appearance and function.

Its intelligently designed to help accelerate the skin’s natural renewal process that occurs while we sleep and complement the Metrin® Skincare System.

It is safe and effective for men and women of most ages, skin types, and skin concerns. It is mildly scented with Jasmine essential oil that is non-sensitizing and provides antioxidants for the skin to remain youthful.


NEW 2021 Revitalizing Glycolic Complex

• 25% more product per bottle. Previously 2.0 oz/60 ml, now 2.5 oz/74 ml

• Improved absorption & consistency

• It is mildly scented with Jasmine essential oil with calming and healing properties that is non-sensitizing and provides antioxidants for the skin to remain youthful.


A solution for

✓ Dull Skin

✓ Wrinkles

✓ Hyperpigmentation

✓ Pores

✓ Uneven skin tone


Features & Benefits

• The Revitalizing Glycolic Complex contains glycolic acid, which is recognized as the most effective AHA 

• Contain 2X more product than leading department store treatments (74ml vs 30ml)

• Improved Formulation with Jasmine Extract

• Designed to minimize the appearance of acne scaring, dark spots, wrinkles, & uneven skin tone 

• Stimulates cell turnover for a brighter complexion

• Comes with an easy-to-dispense cap that allows for the bottles to be turned upside down and use to the last drop. Pumps available separately for your ease of use.

• The products feels light on the skin and can be followed up with your choice of sunblock for UV-protection.


Metrin’s Revitalizing Glycolic Complex is also proudly:






How to Use Revitalizing Glycolic Complex 

Apply one to three times per week, at night, after cleansing with Step 1 (Deep Cleanser) and Step 2 (Lathering Cleanser) of the Metrin® Skincare System. Gently smooth onto areas to be treated (do not massage) – leave on overnight. Always follow this treatment, in the morning, with Reactivating Serum.

This product may also applied directly to blemishes, insect bite scars to help exfoliate and encourage skin renewal.


Key Ingredients 

Glycolic Acid (AHA)

Aloe Vera

Retinyl Palmitate


Additional information

Weight .1 kg

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