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Skin Care for Kids

Skin Care for Kids

by RickDecember 18, 2017

Some experts say different skin care routines for different ages isn’t necessary. However, others suggest your skin care regimen should change according to your body’s hormonal change or in different stages in life.  So what should you believe?

The Truth

There is really no set age or magical moment in time that lets you know when you should start using skin care products. What is right for one person isn’t the same for the next. There is no risk in starting a good balancing skin care line while you’re young, especially to develop healthy skin care habits prior to experiencing hormonal changes during teenage years.

Avoid Breakouts

As we all know, acne is common during puberty. This is when hormones start going into overdrive causing the skin to overproduce oil.

The best ways to avoid these pesky pimples are to:

  • Keep hairspray and styling gel from contacting your skin
  • Wash your face after playing sports or exercising
  • Gently exfoliate your skin regularly
  • Remove your makeup and wash your face before bed

Extra tip: when buying makeup, make sure to look for products that are “non-comedogenic” to help reduce clogging of the pores.

Balancing skin care is an effective way to help keep teenage skin healthy and clear.

skin care for kids

Gentle Skin Care for Kids

A healthy, safe skin care routine for kids, teens, and anyone of any age for that matter should always be a gentle one.

Some products that are made for kids and teens may look and smell yummy and fun, but it’s important to buy skin care products based on ingredients rather than pretty packaging. Often colorful and fragrant products are very irritating on the skin. Fragrances can even irritate the skin below its surface. So although you may not notice a reaction, damage still may be occurring.

Just because it says “gentle” or “fragrance free” on the bottle doesn’t mean it is. Double check the ingredients for coloring agents (labeled as “FD&C” or “D&C”) and synthetic fragrances (labeled as “fragrance”) to be sure.


The best non-irritating ingredients for growing, sensitive skin include:

  • White or green tea extract
  • Sunflower oil
  • Bisabol oil
  • Chamomile extract

Keep It Simple

Young skin’s best defense against acne, oily skin, and combination skin is a twice-daily routine that includes the right facial skin care products with the right ingredients.

Balancing skin care is an effective way to help keep teenage skin healthy and clear during a time when hormonal changes can greatly affect the function and appearance of the skin.

Remember, children and teens spend a lot more time outside than adults. Therefore, the right sun protection and after sun care is an imperative part of a young-one’s skin care routine.


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