Why We Offer a 6 Month (Money Back) Promise

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METRIN: this skin care company is not like the others.

(and our system isn’t, either)

You’ve probably seen our latest flashy ad campaign. You know, the one with all the gorgeous models who look way too happy for some reason (and “who gets that excited about skin care? “you probably wondered), the trendy packaging complete with bells and whistles, and that cute infuriating little jingle you can’t seem to get out of your head.

Kidding! No you haven’t. That’s not the kinda show we’re running here.

We like to stay as far away from that stuff as you do, because when a product genuinely does everything it’s supposed to do it doesn’t need a Broadway musical belting out its virtues. It speaks for itself.

Plus, our customers are more interested in seeing the real-world results their current skin care routine hasn’t been delivering.

We take skin care seriously
(and always have)

METRIN Money Back Guarantee

It’s been over 85 years since we perfected our skin care formula. We’ve seen customers grow up, get married, have grandchildren… many of them have been with us right from the beginning.

There’s one simple reason for their loyalty: like us, they’re not interested in glitzy ad campaigns or the latest flashy packaging. They care about results – proven results from a formula that’s passed the test of time. One that’s never changed because it’s always worked.

To all of us, healthy, youthful skin is more important than branding the hep cats can dig (people still say “hep cats”, right?). We care about quality than promotion, and you should too.

Because everyone knows to take advertising with a grain (or a whole damn shaker) of salt. But results? When they’re staring you right I the face every morning in the mirror, you know you’re onto something good. A skin care system you can trust.

Because promises > promotion
(and integrity > hyperbole)

Odds are you discovered METRIN because someone you trust told you how well it works for them. It’s a true privilege for us to enjoy that kind of support from our happy customers, and we repay that gift with absolute integrity.

What does integrity mean to METRIN? It means backing up every claim we make.

Is our system magic? Of course not.
Will it provide results – healthier skin you can see and feel, and the confidence that comes with it?
Yes. Unequivocally yes.

And we’re always happy to prove it. To put our product and our team to the ultimate test: consistently impressing our customers with better skin and superior support.

With METRIN, you don’t just buy a bottle and hope for the best. We actively support every single customer with professional advice, personal guidance, and regular check-ins to see if there’s anything could be doing better to help you achieve the results you have in mind.

Forget overexcited models. Bouncy Jingles. The latest-greatest-whatever. You can toss all that jazz in the trash. Because we’d like to make you a promise ­– the same one we’ve made for over 85 years.

The METRIN Money Back Promise
(like a guarantee, but better)

Your success is our success. Generations of real people, from your grandma to celebrities to your best friend and his little sister, have trusted METRIN not because we have the coolest image on the block, but because they’re happy with what they see in the mirror (and because our simple system lets them heave-ho the oceans of lotions and potions that used to clutter up their cabinets).

Their results keep us in business. And you’ll see results, too. Here’s our money back promise:

Our Money Back Promise:
The METRIN system will help keep your skin clear, healthy, and reduce the appearance of unwanted conditions (stuff like signs of aging, discolorations, and scarring).

And if, within 6 months, you decide it doesn’t? Every last drop of product you’ve purchased is 100% FREE, even if you’ve used it all.
No questions asked. No strings attached. Period.

You didn’t come here looking for stock photography and cheesy jingles, right? Right?? You can find that stuff anywhere. Although… it’s not fair to assume, we suppose. Um… we can do that too if you like: